October Writing Promot

I created my first writing prompt! It will be fun! I missed doing them 1-3 years ago as a community with everyone. I wanted to see the amaxing stuff we come up with. You guys blew me away then, and I know you will now. Spread and share! Use the hashtag #octoberwritingprompt2017 to keep up... Continue Reading →


It’s time.

It's time for a drink and let's talk. My book is coming.

My Friend

The winds have slowed the earth, every ocean receded, and light has been choked out from our sky. Clouds thunderously begin to collide. It feels as though we are alone without you, despite walking into each other, aimlessly wondering in blinding shock. Hollowed husks, we march to a gray dusk, wishing you would come back... Continue Reading →

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