Hello, Darkness…

Something or someone scared or hurt her terribly, and her home was not an option, so she retreated to the forest of shadows.

In the vast brush, a tear fell to every footstep, feeding each root willing to take the pain in. The leaves howled in the slight breeze.

Demons lurked within, around every corner, waiting to lure their victim in closer. Poisonous fumes hazed through the air; tendrils snaked around the trees and blocked out all light.

Blistering hot coals fell from her cracked heart, leaving a trail as she escaped deeper into the darkness, almost like bait. The monstrous fiends whispered delusions of crippling madness as they drew in further for an easy meal, much like many who have trespassed these woods before.

At the center of pure evil and blackness, she stood, crying. The wicked ones crept slowly towards her, baring razor teeth and sharpened claws. The girl snapped her head up like lightening, a devilish grin streaked across from ear to ear, her eyes covered by a veil of nightfall. She raised both hands and snapped her fingers.

An igniting light sparked the air, setting everything to a blaze. Flammable gases exploded around the necks of the incubi. Sirens of screeching echoed through an inferno.

Dusk set, and then there was only her light left in the world. Silence. Peace. As dawn approached, the trees, skeletons of their former forms, stood as tombstones in a graveyard, laid waste in her trap.

There was silence for once. No more pain. Sorrow gone away. Finally able to take a breath, her body collapsed. From earth to the sky, she watched the ashes made by her final stand rain down onto her.

“It’s over, the screaming. It’s over.”


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