It’s Not Over. 

Once seeped in, a dark void that can crack open our hearts, pulling us into a blackness that will consume all. An eternal end. Although, there is a way to stop it from ever spreading, festering within. There is a moment when the light inside will decide to either fight back, or fade into a structurally unstable memory. We think letting go will help with the pain, the misery. However, that is what will break us beyond repair. Excepting the evil from the outside to infect our insides. Tragically, there is no coming back from it. Forevermore over.

It will not stop us. The end is not now, not yet. Remember the voice in the back of your mind that rang your soul that told you to stand up for what is right, when there is only everything that is wrong around us? That is the Light; the thing that separates us from the demons that lurk in the shadows. Our Light, the fighting angst that will not go gently into the night, will hit back with a vengeance, much, much harder than the dark ever could.

Perhaps, we evolved over time this way: allowing the wretched of the world soak in, just so we could learn how tough we really are, what we’re made of, how far we are willing to go down that stormy path before we turn back and return to the passion that once fueled us. It will again, and again charge us to the end.

This, this darkness, it isn’t our end. We decide what our end is, not the grueling blackness. It may seep into our bones, and leak out in a vapor that suffocates us by surprise. Let it.

When things come easy, we soften up. Staying hardened helps remind us what we went through to be here today. You are here, and now take a breath. Life is a journey, and we are all in it together. It’s not over yet, not until you choose otherwise.


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