Humans or Animals?

I have never been stunned by words before in life, until today.

Earlier, I overheard someone spewing inappropriate and extremely hateful, racist language amongst others. Another from the group confronted said belligerent one of being rude and “racist.”

In a burst of outrage, the one replied with, “I’m ‘racist’? How?! I’m Black. I can’t be racist.” Awkward silence flooded everyone out of fear from making things worse, and kept their thoughts to themselves due to adding to the already ugly conflict.

This, this is how hate grows, persists, and never heals. No one group or race is exempt from hate, superiority, bigotry, or silence towards another person. If we do tit-for-tat on everything, we won’t ever be whole again, and more suffering will ensue.

Throughout history, every race, age, color, religion, ethnicity, nationality, etc, have all gone through slavery, genocide, and suffrage by another at some point. That is not an excuse, nor a reason to proceed unjust acts, by anybody.

Demanding eye for an eye only leaves the world blind, says M. K. Gandhi. I believe this greatly. Making and wishing oppression and suffocation upon others only brews more to be returned.

I grew up in a town being outnumbered racially, and was only bullied by two particular groups. Do I hate the races? No. Do I think my lineage is more nobel than theirs? No. Do I harbor any hard feelings towards those individuals? No, not really. We were kids. We grew up.

Hate requires energy and determination to keep the flame alive. I don’t have time, the fuel, or the will to stick around to keep such fires burning.

The best thing to do in a situation of racial injustice–whether towards you or another–is to respond with kindness and a smile. How would you feel if you wanted a rise from someone, baiting a trap, and then they do not fall for it and make you look like the repulsive slim?

However, there is a difference from doing nothing and being proactive. Set things equally, not one-sided, even in the process for progress. Equality from the start through to the end.

You are not better than me, and I am not better than you. It is disgusting to think this in such a way.

Violence does not work. It hurts the cause, sets the progress back further, and births more hate to fester more evil later.

I do not see BLM, LGBT, Feminists, pro-gun, or any other groups. I see humans–“Earthicans” – Al Gore, ‘Futurama’. We need titles to define ourselves, but how they have divided and segregated us is unimaginable. But it has happened.

We should reform how we see ourselves, and see others. I know straight people who want equal rights for gays; non-gun people supporting self-defense; white people wanting equality and tranquility with black people; and men realizing how toe-to-toe women can be.

We all want peace, an even chance at the world and its riches, and love. Let’s stop feeding this notion of “winning the race alone, for there is only 1st place,” but instead consider the philosophy of helping each other across the finish line.

We live in the 21st century, for crying out loud, where the world is being molded in a way it has never be formed to ever before. The cure for cancer that has ravaged life is right around the corner, we have found Earth-like planets among the ocean of stars we can move to, same sex marriage is legal and historically most accepted, vegan meat without ever touching an animal, filtering straws to provide clean drinking water for anyone in parched need, we can print a car from a machine that only costs a few hundred dollars (USD) in materials to make, and so much more beautiful advancements socially and technologically. But we are too caught up on childish, schoolyard bullshit to stop and marvel over these amazing accomplishments.

There were reports of people fainting at the unveiling of the first working lamp using electricity. And no one can even bat an eyelash at these achievements?!

So, let’s shape it into the utopia we have all dreamed of and wish for from the movies by being the bigger beings of not allowing this age-old tradition of humans: disliking others’ difference out of fear.

We were handed the world in its state of disarray by our parents who could not solve the issues our grandparents aided in (but did not start), and it is up to us to clear the turmoil from the air.

I am ashamed my daughter has to grow up in the world with how it is currently acting. Children do not know what is going on, this is all taught and passed on. Are you proud of your kids, the next generation, to carry this on their shoulders because we were not decent enough of human beings to fix?

The difference is in us to make for the better. We all deserve a happy ending.

Now, let’s go out and do it.


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